Emergency Management

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Division of Emergency Management

It is the responsibility of Dickey County to maintain an emergency management organization to serve the entire county.

Dickey County must prepare and maintain a local emergency operational plan, exercise that plan, and ensure training opportunities for key officials and responders. Each city with in the state should either participate in its own county´s emergency management organization, or maintain one of its own.

It is the responsibility of Dickey County to notify the Division of Emergency Management of their plans, and to designate a person to coordinate emergency management activities on the local level. This "emergency manager" is the key to a successful local program to save lives, protect property, and the environment.

Additional Responsibilities of This Division...

  • Providing emergency planning, training and program assistance to 53 counties and their cities, as well as tribal governments
  • Maintaining statewide disaster preparedness education programs
  • Ensuring that plans, emergency services, and first responders are exercised annually
  • Managing a Hazardous Chemical Preparedness and Response Program
  • Providing a center for coordinated state-level emergency operations
  • Preparing and maintaining a state multi-hazard emergency operations plan that provides for:
  • Alerting and informing the public
  • Assessing the situation
  • Activating volunteers
  • Supporting emergency response
  • Restoring and recovering

Emergency Management Contact Info:

DES Director Charles Russell

Phone: (701) 320-6299
Fax: (701) 349-3960

Dickey County Courthouse
309 North 2nd Street
P.O. Box 215
Ellendale, ND 58436

Email: crussell@nd.gov


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