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Dickey County is located on the southern border of North Dakota and is comprised of 1152 square miles of land. The eastern part lies in the Drift Prairie, a green, hilly part of the state marked by good farm land and an abundance of water. Hwy 281 which runs north and south lies parallel to the hills which mark the beginning of the rolling Great Plains.

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**ELECTIONS:  Voting Information:**

Voting Locations (PDF)

Absentee Ballot Applications (PDF)

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Secretary of State Election Information: https://sos.nd.gov

***** If you have questions, please contact the Auditor's Office at 701-349-3249 or email Auditors Office.


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Weed Mowing Notice (PDF)

Ordinance Directing Removal of Bales (PDF)

Land Owner Notice “Right of Way Encroachment" (PDF)

2015 Burn Ban (PDF)

2016 Road Approach Permit (PDF)

2015 Utility Permit (PDF)

2016 Public Notice with Revenue (PDF)

2014 Dickey County Audit (PDF)

2016 Dickey County Load Restrictions Map (PDF)

Overweight Permit (PDF)  ***** Dickey County does not allow overweight permits when load restrictions are on


City Information

Ellendale, Oakes, Fullerton, Forbes, Guelph, Ludden, Monango,

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