The Recorder acts as the custodian of land records in the county and is responsible for the recording and processing of legal documents related to real estate.  


This office is responsible for the following:

  • Recording any and all types of documents which affect title to real property in Dickey County, ND
  • Filing Wills for safekeeping
  • Filing Corner Monument Records
  • Filing Burial Permits
  • Maintaining and preserving records for public use
  • We provide information under open records laws and do not guarantee its sufficiency. This office takes no responsibility for accuracy, errors or omissions of documents

Contact: Kelly K Schmidt

Phone: (701) 349-3249, Ext. 5
Fax: (701) 349-4639

Dickey County Courthouse
309 N. 2nd Street
P.O. Box 148
Ellendale, ND 58436


Office Hours: 8:00am – 12:00pm, 12:30pm-4:30pm

Recording Fees

General Requirements:

  • $20 for documents with one (1) to six (6) pages
  • $65 for documents with seven (7) to twenty-five (25) pages
  • $3 per page for any additional page over 25 pages
  • All documents must have a 3" margin across the top of the first page for recording information
    • NDCC 11-18-05.1a(4) "A space of at least three inches [7.62 centimeters] must be provided across the top of the first page of each instrument for the recorder's recording information. If a space of at least three inches [7.62 centimeters] is not provided across the top of the first page, the recorder shall add a page, and an additional page charge must be levied in accordance with the fee structure."
      • Submitters can add a cover page with the title of the document at least three inches from the top of the page and this will serve as the first page. This would ensure the submitter knows exactly how many pages will be counted
      • If the recorder must add a page and a 6 page document results in 7 pages the $65 fee will be charged
      • If the recorder adds a page to a 25 or more page document, the additional $3 per page will be assessed
  • Documents must have a 1-inch margin at either the top, bottom, or side of each page. If not available, an additional $10 fee will be charged
  • Documents that satisfy, release, assign, subordinate, continue, amend or extend, will have an additional $3 fee for each document number (book/page) after the first 10 related document numbers are referenced
  • Documents containing section, township, range legal descriptions will be charged an additional $1 fee for each section listed after the first 10 sections


  • Subdivision plat fee for lots 1-20 is $20; over 20 lots is $50    
  • Surveys are included in the general requirements fees.

FILED documents:

  • $10 filing fee
  • Original documents that are stored in our office
    • Corner Monument Records
    • Burial Permits
    • Wills for safekeeping

 Copy Request fees

  • $1 per page
  • For a certified copy, $5 for the first page & $2 for each additional page

 NDRIN -North Dakota Recorders Information Network

  • $30 a month
  • $1 per page for copies
  • Dickey County & 49 other ND counties upload their documents to NDRIN
  • Dickey County records go back to 1990 online

 UCC/CNS fees -Uniform Commercial Code/Central Notice System

  • UCC/CNS filings are to be filed online with the Secretary of State
  • Fixture Filings are to be filed online and also recorded in the proper County, with the same recording fees as above

EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2017: NDCC 11-18-02.2

Only 1 of 2 statements for consideration will be accepted on a deed.

Pick the appropriate statement below & type it IN FULL on your deed.

I certify that the full consideration paid for the property described in this deed is $________________.

Dated: ______________                  Signed: ___________________

                                                      Grantee or Agent

I certify that the requirement for a report or statement of full consideration paid does

not apply because this deed is for one of the transactions exempted by subdivision _____ of N.D.C.C. Section 11-18-02.2(6).

Dated: ______________                    Signed:_____________________                                                                                               Grantee or Agent

If you choose #2 you will have to pick one of the following and put the letter in the blank.

                A. Property owned or used by public utilities.

                B. Property classified as personal property.

                C. A sale when the grantor and the grantee are of the same family or corporate affiliate, if known.

                D. A sale which resulted as a settlement of an estate.

                E. All forced sales, mortgage foreclosures, and tax sales.

                F. All sales to or from religious, charitable, or nonprofit organizations.

                G. All sales when there is an indicated change of use by the new owners.

                H. All transfer of ownership of property for which is given a quitclaim deed.

                I. Sales of property not assessable by law.

                J. Agricultural lands of less than eighty acres (32.37 hectares).

                K. A transfer that is pursuant to a judgment. (Removed as of August 1st, 2023.)

Commonly asked Questions:

  • Who owns a piece of property?

It is helpful to have a legal description of the property you are inquiring about. We will provide you with the last deed of record. You may also subscribe to the NDRIN website. It is a subscription based site where 50 counties in North Dakota upload their real estate records.

  • How do I transfer property?

In most cases, you will need to have a deed drawn up to transfer property. We advise you to contact a real estate attorney or a title company. We do not have forms available and cannot assist you with the legalities of such documents. North Dakota is a race to record state.

  • How do I obtain a copy of my deed?

You may request a copy of your deed either in person, by phone, by mail or email. It is helpful to have the legal description of your property. Copy fees are $1 a page. A certified copy is $5 for the first page, $2 for each additional page.  Payment is required up front.

  • Can I get a copy of the Index pages?

We do not have our index pages digitized and are unable at this time to provide copies.  You will need to come in and request access to our books.





The Dickey County Recorder’s office offers electronic recording of your real estate documents. You will need to register and qualify through an approved eRecording provider below to begin this service with our office.

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eRecording Partners Network (ePN)


SIMPLEFILE (Nationwide)


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